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From Weddings to Festivals: Expert Bar Service You Can Trust

We provide professional bartender service i.e.  Supply of Bartender for Wedding party, House Party, corporate events or festivals for all size events and all types of event. We special Mixologist, Molecular, Cocktail and smoking with magic bar, your each and every requirement. Our first priority complete bar setup and taking care of your guest .

Our all barmen experience from a strong hospitality industry, our team has first priority hygienic to behind the bar. The number of bartenders required, will be based upon the industry standard ratio of 1:4, like 1 bartender for every 50 guests. Our starting package of bartender in Delhi Rs.2500!

Bartender serving cocktails at a breathtaking destination wedding


Wedding special bartending services, including cocktail bar molecular bar, sangria bar, shot bar

Bartenders creating colorful cocktails at a festival event


Experience our special Festival Event bar service with a complete package of cocktails, mocktails, and more

bartender serving cocktails at an event for house party


We offer a complete house party package that includes cocktail bar, bartender, soft drinks, glassware


What started off, as a freelance bartending company in 2016. A team of expert with over 10 years of experience bartender in varous hospitality venues . Barplayer also specializes in consulting of bars and restaurants, training of staff & consumers, bartenders on hire for events, theme parties, pub promotions, launches – celebrity bartenders, seminars, bar competitions and awards. We have a very strong beverage catering division that bar catring, bar license, bar ingredients, glassware & equipment, and soft beverages.

We have been providing Bartenders & Car consulting, Bar Catering services for over 5 years, excelling in what we do because of our passion and dedication. We have worked at various venues like nightclubs, restaurants, pubs, weddings, social and corporate events, five-star hotels, farmhouses, and exotic resorts. With our experience and track record of success, we can ensure you a fantastic experience and freedom from your worries.


Hire Wedding Bartender Serving and Cocktails

Welcome to our comprehensive range of services, designed to cater to all your event needs. Destination weddings for cocktail bars, sundowner gatherings, and festival events, we have the expertise and passion to make your event truly memorable. Our experienced bartenders will create custom drink menus, bar display, props to perfectly complement your wedding theme. Our skilled bartenders will craft delicious cocktails and mocktails tailored to your preferences, ensuring a fantastic celebration.
Choose us for your next event and let our team of experts create an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Molecular mixology brings science to create new flavors, textures, and surprising presentations and enhance the overall drinking experience.


Explore cocktail spheres bursting with flavor, edible delights, and mesmerizing multi-color layers. From foamy concoctions to suspended elements, our mixologists craft inventive cocktails that push the boundaries. Indulge in flavored ice spheres, frozen treats, and glasses filled with cotton candy magic. Witness the endless creativity of our mixologists, turning cocktails into works of art.

Professional bartender serving cocktails at a wedding